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Spay & Neuter Services

Millions of litters of critters are euthanized annually in the United States, so when you make the responsible choice to spay or neuter your pet, you’re helping prevent such tragic occurrences. Our vet in Rancho Cucamonga at Day Creek Animal Hospital considers spay and neuter surgery so essential.


Spay and Neuter in Rancho Cucamonga at Our Animal Hospital

Beyond doing your part to reduce the number of unwanted pets, a spay and neuter procedure in Rancho Cucamonga can increase the happiness and longevity of your cat or dog. Once your furry friend reaches six weeks of age, we can spay and neuter in Rancho Cucamonga with a quick in-office procedure while they are under a mild anesthetic.

Pets are fully monitored the entire time they are under our care, and your buddy can typically return home the same day of the procedure. Side effects and risks of infection from spaying and neutering are minimal, and the vast benefits certainly outweigh those minimal possibilities.

The Benefits of Pet Neutering at Our Animal Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga

When we neuter your pet, we put them under mild anesthesia. We’ll remove your male dog or cat’s testicles, which curb their tendencies to stray from home and can eliminate and reduce their chances for several conditions. These conditions include prostatic hyperplasia, prostate disease, testicular cancer, and perineal hernias.


The Benefits of Pet Spaying

When your female cat or dog comes into our animal hospital in Rancho Cucamonga for the spaying surgical procedure, we will put them under mild anesthesia and remove their ovaries to eliminate their ‘heat cycle,’ a.k.a. their body’s natural mating call. In female dogs, in particular, the spaying procedure will stop those telltale signs of blood you may see in your carpeting and furnishings. Once spayed, your pet will roam less and have much less risk of developing conditions such as uterine infections and ovarian or breast cancer.

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We know you and your pet have a busy schedule, so we are open seven days a week to service the pets of Rancho Cucamonga, CA, and the surrounding communities. Contact us at (909) 646-7387 and become a part of our furry friend family!