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Dental care Services

When you bring your pet to our veterinarians in Rancho Cucamonga for regular wellness checks, don’t forget about the state of your pet’s mouth. Dental and oral issues can cause major problems for your pet’s comfort, chewing function, and overall health.


Common Pet Dental Problems

Some of the pet dental problems seen at our animal hospital in Rancho Cucamonga are obvious to owners. Broken or cracked teeth, for instance, can turn into massive tooth, gum, and jaw infections that make it impossible for your pet to eat properly.

Periodontal disease is the most common such problem. This disease is the result of bacteria that feed on dental plaque and tartar. As the body launches an immune response against the bacteria, the gum tissue becomes diseased, often causing tooth loss. Oral cancer is another major concern. This aggressive killer may be impossible for owners to spot until it reaches an advanced stage. Preventative care from our pet dentist can help us keep these issues from getting out of control.

Pet Teeth Cleanings and Dental Exams 

Our veterinarians, usually recommend annual pet teeth cleanings and exams for healthy pets; pets with dental problems may need more frequent appointments. A professional cleaning strips the teeth of stubborn tarter even below the gum line to prevent periodontal disease. X-rays and other techniques can help us detect dental damage, cavities, or other issues that require treatment. Our veterinary team in Rancho Cucamonga also checks the oral cavity for possible cancer.


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