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Geriatric Care Services

Pets are companions you bring into your home for various reasons. When you bring a puppy, kitten, or any other animal into your home, you need to prepare for the possible health concerns that arise. Our veterinarians at Day Creek Animal Hospital in Rancho Cucamonga provides the tools and services you need to keep your pets healthy and active, but you must also understand what to expect when you seek geriatric care.


What is Geriatric Care

Geriatric care refers to any treatment provided to an animal by a veterinarian. At our clinic, we offer a variety of services based on the needs of your pets and the type of animal that you bring into your home. For example, we offer spaying and neutering services to young pets so you do not end up with a litter of puppies or kittens in your home. We also provide basic healthcare services like regular screenings for health concerns or treatments for sicknesses so your pets recover from any situation.

Veterinary care is a process of caring for your pets with appropriate medical treatments. We ensure that your pets have appropriate medications for different health risks, treatments for specific conditions, and solutions for problems that occur later in life. We also educate pet owners about appropriate foods, possible problems, and signs of health concerns.

What to Expect at Day Creek Animal Hospital

During the first visit to Day Creek Animal Hospital, expect to spend a little time working on paperwork and information. Provide details about a pet’s medical history if you have information.

Our veterinarians then provide a thorough exam of your pet to check for potential health concerns. During a routine visit, we look at your pet’s teeth and gums, feel the lymph nodes, and exam different areas of the pet’s body. We also listen to an animal’s heartbeat and lungs. We take the animal’s temperature and provide appropriate medications based on potential health concerns or the problems that we notice during the exam.

After the exam, we educate pet owners about the possible health concerns that can arise and any medications we recommend for a health concern. We make sure you understand appropriate dosage and timing of medications. We also help you make appointments for vaccinations and future treatments based on the needs of your pet.


How Often Should You Seek Care for your Pet

The frequency of veterinary care depends on the needs of your pet, but you should always obtain an annual exam to check for common health concerns. We also recommend regular shots and booster shots based on the age of your pet, so you can expect more regular visits during the first year of life.

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Keeping your pets healthy and active throughout their entire life starts with finding the right tools to address complications. At our clinic, we work around the needs of each pet to provide appropriate care and solutions for health concerns.

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