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Pet Microchipping in Rancho CucamognaRancho Cucamonga Microchipping Veterinarian

At Day Creek Animal Hospital, microchipping is just one of the many services we have to offer. Microchipping is a process that involves physically inserting a tiny microchip underneath a pet's skin; this microchip can be programmed with the owner's contact information so that, in the event that the pet escapes and is found, the owner can be contacted and the pet can be retrieved.

Why Have Your Pet Microchipped?

All too often, pet owners forego having their pets microchipped because they assume having their pet wear a collar with a name tag/phone number is just as effective. Unfortunately, when a pet escapes, there is no guarantee that a collar and tags will stay on. Many pets will run through shrubbery, climb over or under fences, and get into other antics that will easily cause a collar to break away.

With a microchip, you never have to worry about your contact information being lost, as it's embedded underneath your pet's skin. Not to mention, the process of having your pet microchipped takes just a few moments and is very inexpensive. In fact, many pet shelters these days will include microchipping as part of their adoption fees.

One in three pets will escape or become lost in their lifetime. Why not take the extra precaution of having your pet microchipped? Even if your pet is strictly an indoor pet (such as a cat), having a microchip can give you much-needed peace of mind.

Important Reminders About Microchipping

Microchipping takes just a moment and requires the use of a special tool in your vet's office. Because of how quickly the chip is embedded, most pets feel nothing more than a small amount of pressure or a light pinch. Many pets don't even realize that anything is happening!

If you choose to microchip your pet, you will be asked to fill out a contact information form at the time the procedure is done. However, you will need to be sure to update your contact information if it changes at any point; you can typically do this through your veterinarian or through the microchip company directly.

Please be aware that microchips are not the same as GPS devices. If your pet is lost, the chip will need to be scanned after your pet is found in order to retrieve your contact information. The chip does not report back your pet's location. Still, a microchip is meant to last a lifetime, so if you have this done, your pet will be set for life as long as you keep your contact information updated.

Call Our Veterinarian in Rancho Cucamonga for Pet Microchipping

If your pet isn't yet microchipped, we highly recommend you schedule an appointment with our vet to have it done. At Day Creek Animal Hospital, we perform microchipping every day and highly recommend it to all pet owners. Give us a call at 909-646-7387 to set up your appointment today.

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