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Veterinary Surgery at Day Creek Animal Hospitalpet surgery Rancho Cucamonga veterinarian

Humans are not the only creatures who can benefit from surgery. Modern veterinary medicine has made it possible to treat an extraordinarily wide range of conditions and situations through surgical intervention. Here are some of the principal types of veterinary surgery commonly provided by our veterinarian in Rancho Cucamonga, Dr. Sidhu.

  • Spay and Neuter Surgery - Spaying is the surgical removal of the female reproductive organs; neutering is the removal of the testes in male animals. By removing the reproductive organs, we're protecting your pet against the threat of reproductive cancers such as ovarian or testicular cancer, while also reducing the risk of breast or prostate cancer. Additionally, spay and neuter surgery can prevent heat-related compulsions such as roaming and aggression, two behaviors that can prove hazardous.
  • General Surgery - General surgery includes procedures such as the removal of lumps or masses for biopsy. Most of these turn out to be benign, but if we detect malignancy, we may perform a second surgery to make sure the cancer is entirely removed. If we discover a congenital or acquired physical abnormality, we might recommend surgery if it will improve your animals' overall health or comfort.
  • Dental Surgery - Pets sometimes need dental surgery just as humans do. Although they don't have any wisdom teeth to be removed, animals do occasionally require the extraction of a damaged or diseased tooth that may be threatening the well being of neighboring teeth. If a routine dental exam reveals the presence of oral cancer, surgery may also be required to remove potentially deadly tumors.
  • Orthopedic Surgery - When your pet's joints have sustained damage to injury or disease, orthopedic surgery may be advisable to help relieve pain and optimize function. Damage to ligaments in the knee joints is a common example. Our vet can perform procedures to modify the bone ends so the joint can support your pet's weight without the damaged ligament; smaller, lighter animals may receive an "artificial ligament" in the form of internal suturing. Hip dysplasia is a degenerative joint condition that can benefit from reconstructive surgery. Disc pain and other vertebral pain can sometimes be treated by surgically fusing the vertebrae in question.
  • Emergency Surgery - Emergencies can require expert surgical intervention from our veterinarian. If an injury has occurred, we may need to administer sutures to stop severe bleeding or repair compound fractures by fixing them with screws and plates. Gastric dilatation volvulus (bloat) is another emergency that calls for surgery. This condition is a twisting of the stomach that makes normal passage of food impossible. Other examples of emergency surgery include C-sections for difficult labor and removal of urinary obstructions (stones, et cetera) that cannot be removed by other means.

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